The Latest IPS News

News Update! October 24th, 2023

Kentucky XC Racing - "Welcome, IBEX Pro to the 7-Hour Team Race on Saturday, October 28th! Joining the Duo class, from Santa Fe, TN, welcome Jacob Patterson and Caleb Hines. See you at the starting line - Best of luck!"

News Update! August 10th, 2023

We will be setting up a booth at the TKO to discuss settings, spring sizes and check sag. We will also be displaying high performance kits in comparison to stock suspension components.. AirPro fork kits for most model bikes.. (Auto bleed system-most important, this will help a lot on Big Hits-plusher feel/less deflections). $79 each kit-most bikes 10-minute install. A big shout out - Pro Rider Gauge Key #8 & Rider Nikki Russell (women’s Pro Class) Both are riding for “Team IPS”