Testimonial Highlights

February 5th, 2024

"Awesome race WORN race at collinsville yesterday. Got a little slick last 2 laps but still was an amazing course. Zach got to try out his new Ibex Pro Suspension and loved it. The winter mittens on my bike was a big plus for this race."

Tyler M. - Facebook

February 4th, 2024

"Was able to go put some laps in at MX211. The track was incredible. The new suspension from Ibex Pro Suspension was DIALED. Also, huge shoutout to HBR Powersports LLC for the deal on the KTM. Incredibly smooth transaction as always."

Kyle J. - Facebook

February 4th, 2024

"Excited to put my Adventure Powersports of Elizabethtown, KY team green Kawasaki in some dirt tomorrow to do some testing and find out what Ibex Pro Suspension needs to adjust to make it perfect!! No doubt the best looking bike I’ve ever rode.. Not to mention the fastest!!"

Daniel S. - Facebook

January 10th, 2024

"Round 6 MSXC last weekend. Finished 1st in class and 12th out of 115 riders. Wasn't a very good turnout because of the conditions. Absolutely loved the course even tho it was muddy. Course fits my style. Fast and flowy. Bike was on rails. Best the bike has felt all season so far. Rode really good with the exception of hurting my ankle. Foot got ripped off peg at about 55mph beginning of 3rd lap out of 6 laps but still finished strong. Hopefully foot will be good by round 7. And thanks to Ibex Pro Suspension for the set up!"

Ron C. - Facebook

November 5th, 2023

"Round 4 of WORN Racing
had its ups and downs. Got the hole shot but dropped it about a quarter mile into the trail. Got back up to 2nd and went for a pass over a creek and slammed the ground and hurt my shoulder. Finally calmed down and got back into the lead! 1st out of 9 in class and 39th out of 175 overall! Really enjoying my Ibex Pro Suspension!"

Landon T. - Facebook

November 2nd, 2023

"Finished P8 of 16 in my class, and for my first National Enduro, I’m ok with that! Thanks to Ibex Pro Suspension for getting the 300 ready to race—I can’t imagine how brutal this course would’ve been without the magic he worked on my suspension."

Caroline K. - Facebook

July 27th, 2023

"Big shout out to Ibex Pro Suspension. They redid my forks and shock on gasgas ec300 and it is amazing. I even prefer a little more hold up then the orvs kit provides with recommended springs, and they shipped me a spring rate higher for free. Best customer service and just an awesome guy. Period."

Tyler A. - Facebook

July 14th, 2023

"Thanks for getting Hudson’s forks done he looks forward to trying them this weekend!"

Alex C. - Facebook

July 2nd, 2023

"2nd 30+A class gnarly course Ibex Pro Suspension got me riding solid again."

Will C. - Facebook

May 21st, 2023

"First time on the 125 was a success! I walked away with a 4th place overall finish in schoolboy 1 at Acen's MX for round 4 of the ama sanctioned Tristar MX series! It was a mudder and I could not have done it without my Ibex Pro Suspension! My bike felt so planted and drove through ruts like an absolute beast! It soaked up the dragons back and whoops like they were nothing and it led to me finishing 4th! If you need your suspension done Ibex Pro Suspension is the place to go!"

Cal D. - Facebook

June 14th, 2023

"5th in class at NEPG Round 5 Cherokee National! Ibex Pro Suspension was absolutely dialed!"

Diane R. - Facebook

June 18th, 2023

"Thanks Doug for helping me get my first win! The suspension helped me feel more confident and I believe made a factor in not wearing me out as fast during the later laps of the race! 40c class."

Randall D. - Facebook

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